Why Magento?


If you are considering Magento as your e-commerce solution, here are some reasons to go with this industry-leading solution:


1) Popularity

In a recent Alexa study, Magento dominated the e-commerce platform market with 23% of the top 1 million sites using Magento.



Magento has posted double-digit growth rates and is expected to continue for years to come.  A large, strong community has grown to answer just about any question you have.


2) Features

Magento has an astouding set of features out of the box that will allow your site to rival just about any other online store on the web.  Is there a feature that you’d like that isn’t included out of the box?  Chances are somebody has developed a free or inexpensive commercial extension to meet your needs.  Have something unique in mind?  Let a qualified solution partner like Alpine Consulting, a certified Magento Enterprise Solution Partner, develop your wildest ideas that will surely bring ROI to your bottom line.


3) Aesthetics

Magento’s slick interface and awesome company branding give a great first impression.  Magento backs this up with software and a community that is equally impressive.


4) Timing

 Now is a great time to get in to Magento.  In the early years, the community was small, the software was very difficult to develop, there were little to no training courses available.  Today, Magento is a mature and established e-commerce solution for your business all-around.


5) Join the Party!

Take my word for it, I’ve been working with Magento for over 4 years and it’s been a joy working with from day 1.  Although learning the platform was a challenge, I enjoy working with Magento more than any other piece of software I’ve come across.  It truly is amazing what they are giving away for free these days.  Oh, and Magento people are known for throwing great parties!

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