Top reasons why Magento for your eCommerce platform of choice

Do you sometimes feel like giving up on your eCommerce business because you just cannot seem to break even? If you have a small business and are running an online shop you will find yourself facing stiff competition from larger more established companies. While this does not mean that you cannot succeed in the field, it does mean that you have to ensure you are doing something extra to be successful.

One of the key things to consider in this regard is the eCommerce platform you are using. A secret that many businesses have discovered and are now using to make their online shops successful in the market is the use of Magento. Magento is hands down the best eCommerce solution you could opt for and the following are some of the main reasons why.

1. SEO friendly

Magento is one of the few software that are SEO friendly right from the box. It comes equipped with great, unique features that make it easier for search engines to sift through all your content. When this happens, your site becomes more visible and it is the general presumption among your potential shoppers that the more visible a shop is, the better it is.

This in turn leads to increased traffic to your and thus higher ratings; what more could you ask for?

2. Great shopping experience for your customers

Magento has extensive, flexible features to make your customer’s shopping experience the best ever. It allows easy customer assistance; it comes already integrated with over 50 major payment gateways meaning whichever means of payment your customers prefer, it is most likely supported; and it allows easy review of products by giving your customers access to different photos of it and other customers’ reviews.

Checking out is also quite easy; Magento supports a 1 page check out meaning all your customer has to do is put in their payment and shipping information and the transaction is done, without need for them to have an account on your site. Magento also uses a cookie that allows your customers to seamlessly integrate their shopping between different browsers and devices when they have to shop on the go; and that makes this eCommerce platform the very best in ensuring customer satisfaction.

3. Efficient reporting service

The last thing you want as an online merchant is for your customers to be encountering a problem in your shop and you are not aware of it. Magento offers efficient reporting about what is going on in your shop. It gives live reports of which item is in demand, what is almost running out of stock, what the customers have to say in form of reviews and even notice of new products in the market that are of interest.

Magento has the capabilities to generate an RSS feed which can be made available to both the owner of the shop and the customers so that they can be aware of what is happening. It also allows the user to create newsletters and share them with customers who have subscribed for the service.

4. Easy addition of components

Magento allows the owner to add more components such as plugins easily meaning they have the ability to change the website whenever necessary to suit the current situations.

Many online businesses have caught their big break using Magento, do not allow your store to be left behind.

Contact Alpine Consulting to see how we have helped others evaluate eCommerce platforms in the context of your business.   Alpine offers an abbreviated analysis of your needs to determine fit of various platforms and how they tie to your business objectives.   As a Magento Enterprise Solution partner, you will be in good hands.

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