Magento Extensions: Making the #1 eCommerce Platform Even Better

According to Magento’s own website, about a quarter of a million online sellers use this popular eCommerce platform for their online stores. Because the company offers different levels of shopping cart software, users from all over the world range from big brands to mom and pop shops and include everything in between. Across all platforms and levels, Magento is the most popular software of its kind. With the growing number of Enterprise Magento customers added in, the company far outpaces any of its competition.

Extensions Make Magento Even Better

Sometimes Magento extensions are also called plugins or add-ons. This is because they are software modules that can be plugged into Magento to add to its functionality. The software works out of the box. However, it only has bare functionality and is mostly suited for the simplest transactions from direct customers. The beauty of Magento is that software extensions can extend the base software’s capabilities.

The right extensions from the right software developers  provide an almost unlimited ability to improve the functionality and appearance of an online store. No two Magento stores will look and work exactly alike but can all be customized to maximize sales conversions and conform to any company’s business model. Out of hundreds of extensions available, some might make Internet stores easier to administer, better at converting visitors into customers, or able to do more to meet the demands of a competitive business environment.

For example, out-of-the-box Magento might be suitable for simple B2C transactions. However, some extensions help online businesses cater to other businesses with tailored B2B transactions. One example that we provide in our own module, Alpine Pricelists, offers the capability of setting different prices for different levels of customers and by different dates. This is a function that the original package doesn’t handle well and B2B companies can benefit from.

The Alpine Consulting Magento Extension Storealpine-consulting-pricelists

At Alpine Consulting, we also work with both big brands and smaller online businesses.  We offer both a fully-supported and independently supported option for any of the products in the Magento Extension Store.

These are featured and popular products in our store: 

  • Customer Service: This module displays real-time customer service messages to help increase your visitor’s trust in your store and the people running it.
  • Theme Configurator: This module provides developers with an extra fallback theme layer.
  • SuperAttribute: Your customers will be able to see an item’s maximum value on the frontend page.
  • Search: This enhanced Magento Solr search greatly improves synonym queries and allows for some customization.
  • Pricelists: With this module, Magento can support B2B contract pricing, including date ranges.

All of our quality software solutions are developed in the USA, and we have our headquarters in the Chicago area with offices all over the country. In 2011, we were recognized as a Magento Fast and Emerging Partner.  At Alpine Consulting, we are proud to be recognized as a Magento Enterprise Solutions Partner and also proud of our staff of certified Magento developers. You can learn more about our Magento development team here.


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