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If you sell products and services through multiple channels – or in different geographies – you likely spend a lot of time managing and worrying about your product data:

  • Do you provide the level of detail your customers need?
  • Is your product data consistent across channels and geographies?
  • Is the data accurate and up to date?
  • Does your data help you make emotional connections between your customers, your products, and your brand?

In this episode, we chat with Akeneo‘s Virginie Blot.  As a Product Experience Evangelist,  Virginie has helped hundreds of clients manage their product data – and use it effectively to build and strengthen relationships.

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Following are a number of links and resources discussed in the podcast episode:

1.  PXM for Dummies

Want to learn more about Product Experience Management (PXM)?  Check out “PXM for Dummies” white paper on the Akeneo website:

2.  Product Experience “Pivot”

In the podcast episode, Virginie discussed the need for businesses to be nimble and able to “pivot” to address new trends in the market.  Effective management of product information can help businesses be nimble and agile.

The COVID-19 pandemic has certainly introduced some new trends and challenges.  Virginie discussed some significant changes that luxury goods maker LVMH made to their product line due to the pandemic – and how superior management of product data helped them pivot and connect with customers during this difficult time.  Here’s their Instagram Post:

. . .And they’re finding more opportunities to help within their supply chain:

3.  What Are the Benefits of PIM and PXM?

Hear it directly from Akeneo’s customers:


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