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Magento 1 Support:  The End is Near

On June 30, 2020, Adobe will cease supporting all Magento 1.x versions. Thousands of merchants with online stores deployed on Magento 1 (M1) will lose access to new features, functionality updates, bug fixes, and support from Adobe / Magento. Most importantly, future vulnerabilities and security issues will no longer be addressed with new security patches from Magento.

Moving forward, updates and security measures, as well as many Magento extensions, will only be made available to, and supported on, Magento 2 (M2) storefronts.

Should I Migrate to M2 or Stay with M1?

In the long term, all Magento store owners should make plans to migrate to Magento 2 or another supported platform.

However, June 30 is drawing near. . .And moving from M1 to M2 is far from a simple upgrade. It’s a re-platform that requires extensive development work and a comprehensive site redesign.  It requires significant investments of time and money.

Let’s face it:  Merchants that haven’t already started the migration will likely NOT have the time to migrate before the deadline.

And due to the business disruption and uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, most businesses will be hesitant to spend money and take on additional risk at this time.

The Best of Both Worlds:  Webscale Magento 1 Support Program

If you’re unable to migrate to M2 before the deadline – but are uncomfortable operating on an unsupported platform – you should take a closer look at Webscale.

The Webscale Magento 1 Support Program provides support and protection for merchants who plan to continue using Magento 1 beyond June 2020.

It doesn’t matter whether a merchant’s Magento environment is hosted locally – on a server in the storage closet – or via a third party:  Webscale’s M1 Support program can help all merchants protect their sites, patch vulnerabilities and ensure the integrity of data and operations.

Webscale will also be working closely with the Magento Association, the community, and Magento experts worldwide (including Alpine) to identify vulnerabilities and defend merchant’s applications.

Migrating your site to the Webscale M1 Support Program

Migrating your site to Webscale will take no longer than four (4) weeks.

During that time, Webscale will work with your team to migrate your site, applications and content.  Here’s a high-level summary of the migration process and sequence of events:

Webscale Migration Process

Phase I:  Planning

  • Analysis of current architecture
  • IAM access in cloud environment

Phase II:  Code Migration

  • Provisioning of the Webscale cloud environment
  • Transfer of application code and data

Phase III:  Validation and Acceptance Testing

  • Validation of site functionality
    • Home page
    • Category pages
    • Product pages
    • Cart
    • Checkout (up to submitting payment)
  • Validation of site administration and integrations
    • Administrative activities
    • Payment processing
    • Warehouse/inventory/ERP/CRM/shipping
  • Webscale setup
    • Define and test scaling application cluster (with and without Webscale)
    • Configuration of all domains
    • Configure & test HTTPS

Phase IV:  GO LIVE

  • Site migration
    • Existing application/site placed in maintenance mode
    • Transfer of database
    • Validation testing
    • Load testing
    • DNS change to new cloud environment

Webscale M1 Support Program:  Incentives

If you’re planning to remain on M1, now is a great time to get the ball rolling with Webscale.  They’re offering the following incentives for all Core and Standard plans through June 30, 2020:

  • Free initial setup services
  • Free migration services

Essentially, Webscale will migrate your site free of charge.  This will allow you to quickly migrate your site, applications, and content at no additional cost.  This provides outstanding value and a great opportunity to ensure that your site is protected and supported prior to the June 30 deadline.

More information on the Webscale M1 Support Program

The M1 Support Program is not a one-size-fits all offering.  We realize that every site is different, and every merchant has different needs.  We’d welcome the opportunity to learn more about your migration plans, your eCommerce operations, and your business.  This will allow us to create a customized support program that works for your business and budget.  To get started, fill out the form below or schedule a 30 minute call and let’s talk about the right solution for your business.

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