B2B eCommerce: Is It Right for Your Business?

Let’s face it, doing business with businesses is much more complex than selling to consumers.  If you and I want to buy an item of clothing, we simply visit our favorite online shop, add the item to our cart, and complete the purchase with a credit card.

For most businesses, this process involves a few more steps:

  1. Is the purchaser authorized to buy on behalf of the company?
  2. Does the purchase fall within the scope of the buyer’s authority (purchasing thresholds, approved commodity type, sufficient budget, etc.)?
  3. Do we have pricing negotiated for this item?
  4. Does the item meet internal policies (quality, testing, approved origin, etc.)?
  5. Will the item be packaged and shipped according to our requirements?
  6. Will the appropriate payment and shipping methods be used?
  7. Will documentation accompanying the shipment be sufficient to satisfy our internal receiving and accounting policies?
  8. Do the support, warranty, and returns processes comply with internal policies and negotiated agreements?
  9. Are we exchanging appropriate information about purchases and purchase history?
  10. Are taxes (or tax exemptions) being processed appropriately?

Every business and government agency is different and they’ll all want to do business with you THEIR way.  If you’re using a B2C eCommerce platform, you’ll tie yourself in knots trying to accommodate the unique needs of each customer.  Your site will struggle to carry the load – both for your customers and your internal users.  You’ll spend a lot of money customizing and supporting the platform, and you’ll wear your staff down with a never-ending chain of performance and support issues.

Dedicated B2B eCommerce platforms are designed to offer the scale and flexibility your business customers demand.  They can accommodate the unique needs of each business customer AND provide the features and flexibility you need to run your business YOUR WAY.

In the latest episode of the Alpine eCommerce Podcast, we chat about the unique elements of B2B eCommerce with Yoav Kutner, Co-founder and CEO of OroCommerce.

OroCommerce is a leader in B2B eCommerce technology.  Their B2B platform is being used in more than 100 countries, has more than 400,000 installs and is growing rapidly.  The OroCommerce platform offers the flexibility, scale, and functionality necessary to operate in today’s most complex B2B environments.

In this podcast episode, Mr. Kutner discusses the origins of OroCommerce, the unique differences between B2C and B2B platforms, and how a B2B platform can take your business to the next level.

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