OroCommerce, a B2B Focused eCommerce Platform

A decade ago, B2B eCommerce was an intimidating, risky, and expensive endeavor. Companies could expect a two-year development cycle and, at minimum, a seven-figure price tag.  Once implemented, the platform was often confusing to use for customers, and difficult to manage and maintain.


Fortunately, we’ve learned a lot this past decade – and much has changed in the B2B market.  Customers are more tech savvy and technologists have mitigated much of the uncertainty, complexity and risk.


One innovative B2B platform, in particular, has definitely caught our attention:  OroCommerce.

What is OroCommerce? 

OroCommmerce is a powerful open-source B2B eCommerce platform that delivers a comprehensive set of B2B features “out of the box”.  And we’re impressed with its performance and ability to scale.  Key features include:

  • Customer Self-service Abilities
    • Custom pricing and catalogs
    • Advanced shopping list/requisition/quick order features
    • Robust workflows, business logic, approval structures and permissions
    • Rich customer history and reporting
  • Integrated CRM
    • A fully-integrated OroCRM module
    • No additional cost; can be “turned off” if not needed
  • Performance & Scale
    • Supports multiple domains
    • Unlimited catalogs and SKUs
    • Use your own hosting or the Oro cloud
    • Open API for easy and reliable integrations with your ERP and other applications
    • Robust set of content management and promotional features (coupons, promotions, etc.)


Two versions of OroCommerce are available:

  • OroCommerce Community Edition (CE): A free, open source edition that offers all the essential features and capabilities required by small businesses.  It’s great for smaller organizations who are just starting to sell online.  This edition is also great for developers who want to assess the performance and functionality of the system.  Follow this link for more information on Oro CE.
  • OroCommerce Enterprise Edition (EE): Ideal for mid to large-size businesses.  Oro EE provides the full suite of B2B features optimized for performance and scale.  Follow this link for more information on Oro EE.


How Much Does OroCommerce Cost?


The software license fees for OroCommerce EE are very similar to other enterprise-grade eCommerce solutions on the market.  Software licensing fees are calculated on a number of factors including your annual sales volume, average order volume, and number of SKU’s.


At the low end, you can expect to pay US $50,000 annually for the Oro Enterprise Edition.


In Alpine’s experience, OroCommerce provides an incredible value.  Other providers on the market charge license fees for the “base” eCommerce engine and then charge extra for B2B functionality.  In many cases, heavy modification or customization of B2B features is required, and that adds additional expense.


Implementation fees for the OroCommerce platform are typically about 3x the cost of the software license.  So at the low end, you can expect to pay US $150,000 to implement the OroCommerce platform.


That being said, every client is different so there is considerable variability in software and implementation costs.  If you’d like to get a better estimate based on your situation and needs, Alpine can certainly help.  [Contact us]

How Long Does it Take to Implement OroCommerce?


Here are some estimates based on our experience.  These timelines factor in a formal discovery exercise to define requirements up front:




Reach the Summit of B2B Success with Alpine Consulting


We’ve been developing and implementing B2B eCommerce systems for more than 20 years.  We are thrilled with the breadth of features and high performance of the OroCommerce platform.


If you’re a B2B-focused company looking to build – or improve – an eCommerce presence, OroCommerce should definitely be on your list.  And here at Alpine, we’d be thrilled to be your implementation partner and assist you on your eCommerce journey.


And we want to earn your business.  Let’s talk about your eCommerce vision and make a plan to reach the summit.