Episode 5: B2B eCommerce – A Discussion with OroCommerce

If you’re selling to businesses and government agencies online, you’ll often be asked to do things “their way”.  As your business expands – with hundreds or thousands of customers expecting to do business on their terms – your staff and eCommerce infrastructure may struggle with the scale and complexity required to provide this level of flexibility.

B2B eCommerce platforms allow you to gracefully accommodate your clients’ needs, preferences, and purchasing policies.  While also serving the unique needs of your business and employees.

In this episode, Alpine’s Stan Duda and Earl Stevens are joined by OroCommerce CEO Yoav Kutner.  We discuss the challenges B2B retailers face, innovations to mitigate the challenges, and the benefits offered in today’s modern B2B eCommerce platforms.

Learn more about OroCommerce at:  www.oroinc.com

Learn more about Alpine Consulting at:  www.alpineinc.com


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Episode 5: B2B eCommerce - A Discussion with OroCommerce
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