Welcome to the Alpine Consulting eCommerce Podcast!

In this podcast, we discuss opportunities and innovations in the world of eCommerce.  We aim to provide you with information that can help your business be more successful selling online.  Specifically:  Thrilling your customers, building your brand, and staying two steps ahead of your competitors.

Episode 5: B2B eCommerce – A Discussion with OroCommerce

B2B eCommerce platforms allow you to gracefully accommodate your clients’ needs, preferences, and purchasing policies.  While also serving the unique needs of your business and employees.

In this episode, Alpine’s Stan Duda and Earl Stevens are joined by OroCommerce CEO Yoav Kutner.  We discuss the challenges B2B retailers face, innovations to mitigate the challenges, and the benefits offered in today’s modern B2B eCommerce platforms. 

Episode 4: Deliver a Superior Product Experience with Akeneo

If you sell products and services through multiple channels – or in different geographies – you likely spend a lot of time managing and worrying about your product data: Do […]

Episode 3: Working from Home?!

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many organizations to institute “work from home” policies.  This is thrilling for some employees – terrifying for others. Here at Alpine Consulting, we made the […]

Episode 2: Webscale – eCommerce in the Cloud

Today’s eCommerce environment is an arms race – and that battle is a tough one to fight for any organization. Many companies are moving their eCommerce operations to the cloud […]

Episode 1: Is your website taking over your life?

Are you running your website or is it running you? Your website is a vital channel of your business, but it doesn’t have to consume your nights, weekends and life. […]